The STUDIO ODES shoe is modern and comfortable like a second skin. They are timeless shoes, handmade in Tuscany with eco-responsible materials.
STUDIO ODES is an independent designer brand, everything we design, we do with the women who inspire us in mind.
The adventure began about 15 years ago near Prato in the Tuscany region of Italy. It's where I was born and where I lived for twenty-five years and it's where I like to take refuge to escape the pollution, stress and noises of Paris.
Valentina Mazzetti, founder of the brand Studio Odes

Studio Odes, the second skin shoe

"STUDIO ODES is a shoe brand that is part of an accessible luxury approach. For me, a Tuscan by birth and Parisian by adoption, it is important to create timeless pieces of high quality, but also ecologically committed at fair prices. By creating STUDIO ODES, I took the risk of abandoning my professional stability, in order to commit myself to restoring meaning to my profession by offering a responsible and sustainable alternative. I work with the idea of creating comfortable shoes, I only offer shoes that you can wear from morning to evening.» Valentina Mazzetti, founder of the Studio Odes brand

The collections

The permanent collection: each model available in black nappa, a leather that we find easily each season, is available each season
The 5 collection: we offer models in several leathers and colors using materials from dormant stocks that we source in Florence. This collection presents models in limited editions : only 5 pieces per color!